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Check and adjust all tire pressures to proper PSI before storing the vehicle.  The vehicle may develop flat spots as it sits in the same position consistently.  Ask a neighbor or friend to drive the vehicle for awhile in order to bring the tires up to normal operating temperature.  Otherwise, permanent flat spot may be present which requires tire replacement in order to correct.

*Vehicle manufacture tag can be found on the inside of the drivers door.  Please check recommended pressures before adjust your tire pressure.

Storing your Vehicle


If your storing the vehicle for more that 30 day, change the oil.   Check your owners manual, most automobile manufactures recommend changing the oil upon storage due to the contaminants within old/used oil that could damage your engine.  You can add an oil supplement, such as the BG MOA.   MOA Engine Supplement was put through The Thin Film Oxidation Uptake Test and has proven it's remarkable resistance to oxidation by more than 200% longer than six major brands of SL quality oil.​

A second option is to purchase a battery tender, or trickle charger. You connect it to your battery and plug it in and it will deliver just enough power to prevent the battery from discharging.​


If you intend to park your vehicle for more than two weeks or even months, remember, an unattended battery will eventually lose it's charge.  Ask your neighbor or a friend to start the vehicle every couple of weeks and drive it for a minimum of 15 minutes with all accessories off (30 minutes minimum with the accessories on). This will help maintain the charge of the battery and also the lubrication of the internal engine components.

For the DIESEL owners,  the big, bad diesel engines also need some TLC.  If your storing your diesel truck,  try BG DIESEL OIL CONDITIONER.  This product is designed for today's modern high-output engines. BG D.O.C. maintains engine power and performance, neutralizes acids and acid corrosion, reduces friction and wear on internal engine components, stabilizes viscosity and prevents sludge through increased oxidation and soot control.


If you expect your vehicle to be in storage for more than 30 days, fill the tank.  Ethanol-containing gasoline is highly susceptible to water accumulation which cause corrosion on fuel system components.  We highly recommend adding the fuel stabilizer,  BG ETHANOL FUEL SYSTEM DRIER.  BG ETHANOL FUEL SYSTEM DRIER forms a stable solution with water and gasoline allowing the water in the tank to pass harmlessly through the fuel system, without affecting the combustion process. 
*Catalytic converter and oxygen sensor safe